The Power of Friendliness with the Impetus of Curiosity.

Web marketing through best practices content marketing, community building, and story telling.

That is what MadelineHere is about.

Come explore social media, Hispanics online, the world at large, and the modern communicator with me!

Curious about the world? Step into social media and see it all.

Social Media is a Modern Curiosity Shop

Friendliness is the rule.

Curiosity is the driving force.

Communication is the goal.


Come and share in the conversation.

Some of the topics are: how the Hispanic community is evolving online, how we use, and benefit from social media venues, the virtues of having chutzpah, building a brand, and succeeding in your ventures.

Story Telling is a theme.

I’m a specialist in communication, design, marketing, reputation management, and branding.

Basically the elements needed to build your footprint online in a positive way.

Building community is part of the fun as well.

We’ll use sound, images, and text to communicate – which is standard fare for me.